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The older I get, the more I hate sin, the more I desire time with Christ, and the harder I fight to focus on Him.  The world is certainly seemingly more complex, but in reality we struggle with the same things the men and women of old struggled with; distractions for the flesh.  We suffer […]

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It’s easy to read or watch the news and develop a scarcity mentality.  After all everyone is out to get you, right?  You read the stories of theft, shootings, and deaths and feel like staying home and protecting what God has given you.   I urge you to consider this thought.  When conditions in this […]

All In

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Our faith is more than just thoughts in our head to feel good.  It’s an unwavering internal conviction in our heart that overflows to our mouth in the form of public confession of who Jesus is and what He has done.  In do so we, willingly, identify ourselves as His followers; come what may.  An […]