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I have been reading God’s word for almost 30yrs now.  There is no writing that has impacted my life more.  Being a skeptic by nature, I have tested every sentence I’ve ever read against life and I have found all of these things to be true. The more I test it the more it’s validity is revealed.  

This book is like no other. Listen to some of the words used to describe it:





Able to judge

You will not experience anything from it unless you submit yourself to the Word and spend time meditating on it.  The transformation that the Bible has the power to deliver is just one of the reasons this book is the bestseller of all times.  If you want an amazing, adventure-filled life, with great hope, get in this book!

Challenge for today:

Pick one of the 66 books in God’s word (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, proverbs, Psalms, etc) and then begin reading today. Take time away to organize your life by its truths. 
It will shape every aspect of your life; prayer, worldview, and mission. 


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