Why Is Memorial Day Happy?

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As I read all of the “Happy Memorial Day” posts, I felt the weight of all the family members who live on having lost a brother, sister, father, or mother in the battle for freedom.  For them, today is a day of mixed emotions. They are proud of their soldier and yet grief and anger also flood in.  To those families, I want to say I am forever grateful for the sacrifice you endure. 

To those who have fallen in the line of duty, words can not describe my gratitude.  For You have truly given all you have for my freedom.  I am forever grateful for your sacrifice. 

To the men and women who have served in active combat, the burden you carry is great. The things you have seen and walked through are nothing short of horrific.  I pray for peace for your soul.  Each day you endure, know that I pray for you and I am forever grateful for the sacrifice you endure. 

 May we all know this Memorial Day is “Happy” because others carry the burden of sadness so that we don’t have to.

5 thoughts on “Why Is Memorial Day Happy?

  1. Agreed!
    I was going to post something it this effect, but didn’t want to “ruffle” the feathers of my moody Fb readers.. you said it so well. Ty.

  2. Very well said Brian. I feel that we need to remember our first responders as well, Police, Fireman and Paramedic’s. They face danger on the home front daily.

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