When Do I Get My Reward?

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I grew  up as a people pleaser, I admit it!  Something about seeing smiles on faces and hearing the words,”Well done!” that gave me a sense of worth and accomplishment. 

Later in life as God continued to mature me, I realized that this was all an outflow of my pride.  My “good” was not fit to be counted as righteousness apart from Christ. God defines my value not man 

I concluded that like finances, you can spend your reward now or invest for the future.  My goal is to make daily deposits in the heavenly treasure account; not for the approval of men, but to one day hear my LORD say, “Well done good and faithful servant!”  Not to earn anything, but to thank Him for all He has done!

Personal Reflection

Do you struggle with wanting your reward now?  Do you feel like you have to hear well done?  Perhaps your real struggle is self-worth like mine was.  If that’s the case take some time to read this post on value:


I read these four reasons/truth daily until it banished the lies I had been believing about myself and took up residence as MY truth.  With my self doubt and worry out of the way I was free to serve God and being comfortable with His future reward. 

Prayer Focus

Amazing Father, you are our great reward. The truth that we get to spend all eternity with you gives us joy upon joy!  Sanctify us with the truth. Your word is truth!  Free us from the clutches of pride and self-focus that we may serve You unhindered and focused on Your glory.  May we firmly fix our eyes on Jesus, in His Name we pray, Amen!



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