Watch Eagerly.

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As a dad to 22 children/adults, one of the things that drives me crazy is when I’m asked a question and then the requester doesn’t listen to the answer. You know, you’ve been there! One of my kids asks for something or queues up a major life question and I get excited about the possibility of speaking into their life and by the time I utter the first word they are on to something else.

When we petition our Heavenly Father, not only should we wait for an answer, but we should eagerly watch for His answer. I believe too many times we think prayers go unanswered simply because we are not eagerly watching and miss His answer.


One of the best ways to see God in action answering prayers is to keep a journal. It doesn’t need to be fancy. A $.99 notebook will do. Get in the habit of recording your prayers and details of the day before you go to bed. Review the prayers from the day/week before and reflect as you record the day’s log of events. Answer the question, “How has the LORD answered me today?” At the end of your entry.


Father, teach us to watch eagerly for Your answers. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear that we may exalt Your name with our praises. Amen!

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