Two Words To Live Life Abundantly

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It seems like today, everyone is looking for the 12 step program to solve everything. It might be the five steps to success or the seven steps to wealth. I’d like to give to the two words to living life abundantly.    It’s simple…”In Him”.  

In Him, we have salvation and victory over past, present, and future sin.  We have received Him as Lord and Savior

In Him, we have been firmly rooted in truth.  In that truth we have confidence, assurance of faith, and the strength to weather any storm. 

In Him, we are built up and established in faith. He is with us and will be till the end of the age. Faithfully He walks with us carefully guiding us as our faith is increased. 

In Him, we are filled with gratitude.  What other response can we give when He has rescued, redeemed and rooted us in Him?  When we meditate on who He is and all He has done we will be overflowing with that joy and gratitude. 

Let us walk for Him and in Him today that we may experience the life abundantly as He has desired for us!


Are you truly living in Him today or are you just doing a lot of stuff for Him?

Take some time to out loud praise Him for all of these blessings we have in Him.  

Enjoy His presence today!


Father you are a good, good Father and have given us life abundantly in Christ.  May we probe the depths of this mystery and immerse ourselves in Him that we may be a pleasing Aroma to our Father in heaven and all that we encounter.  Bless this world through the powerful acts of grace you have worked in our lives. May our lips praise you continually. In Jesus, Amen!

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