The Steps I wouldn’t have taken

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My days always begin with a plan.  That’s part of intentional living, but st the end of the day,  9 times out of 10 it’s been ordered differently than I expected.  My life as a whole has been a series of steps I wouldn’t have taken.  I wouldn’t have quit my 6 figure income.  I wouldn’t have moved out of state.  I wouldn’t have put God first.  

God had carefully ordered steps that have ultimately taken me to places I never dreamed of.  He plucked me from the desert and planted me by streams of living water and set me free to know, live, and speak the truth. I can honestly say that if I died tomorrow, I have lived a full life.  In fact, I’ve been saying that for close to 20yrs now and His abundance continues to amaze me daily. 

I still plan but the steps I take are according to His leading.  I don’t fight Him nearly as much as to the placement of each. For My eyes have seen His masterful handiwork and in all the steps I wouldn’t have taken I would have lost out on these blessings:

I wouldn’t have been blessed with the most amazing wife ever

I wouldn’t have had 22 amazing children

I wouldn’t have traveled the world speaking and serving others. 

I wouldn’t have seen many give their lives to Christ. 

Yes! Praise God for His beautiful ordering of steps in my life; whether through valleys or over mountains, they have all resulted in His glory!  What an amazing God and Father we have!


Spend a few moments thinking about the times when God has ordered your steps. 

What was the end result?

What did you learn from it?


Father, Thank you for all of the “wouldn’t have’s” that I’ve been able to enjoy!  Continue to align my heart with Yours that I may enjoy every one of your steps.  Thank you for Your patience as I discover more and more who You are and how You work in my life.  May Your name be praised forever, Amen!

2 thoughts on “The Steps I wouldn’t have taken

  1. So very true!! He always makes it work out for the best!! We must have valleys to enjoy the mountin tops! Yet he Never leaves our side! Righteous & glorious are his ways!! Thank you God!!!! Praisr be to you in the highest!! Amen.

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