The Power Of Grace

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There’s no question that grace is powerful. For we know that where sin abounds grace abounds all the more. By grace we have been saved, this is not something that we have earned, but instead a beautiful gift from Our Father in heaven.

While we remember grace’s power to save, we often forget it’s power to instruct us. As we reflect on the cross, our disdain towards sin multiplies and grace raises in us a desire to deny our flesh and all its lusts. Not only that, but It sets a fire under us to live in a sensible, righteous, and godly manner.

Grace by its nature was designed to rescue and lead us to godly living. If you think of grace and guilt rushes in, you’re missing something. Let grace have its full power in you. Let it be your rescuer and instructor that spurs you to Living for Christ!


Name all the things Grace can do in this passage.

Have you seen Grace do these things in your life?

Have you surrender to God and allowed His grace to instruct you? If not, do so today!


Father, Your grace is sufficient for us in Christ. Thank you for its power to save and its power to instruct us. Remind us every moment of the victory won by our Savior at the cross. Renew in us a desire to be taught by grace. May it lead to righteousness in Jesus, Amen!

4 thoughts on “The Power Of Grace

  1. This is such an awesome truth! It took me years (and years) to finally give in to the Spirit’s instruction. There is such joy in walking in the completeness of His grace. Thanks for sharing this encouragement!

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