The Key To Survivng Storms

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Two back to back giant storms recently ripped though our area dropping golf ball sized hail, loads of rain, and 60 mph winds.  While we didn’t have any real property damage,  it had taken its toll in many unseen ways. 

Say hello to jack. He’s the tamest wild rabbit I have ever seen.  I’m guessing that his mom, brothers, and sisters were taken out during the storms and that he was hurt as well.  That stands to reason since ever other attempt to try to catch a baby wild rabbit on our acreage has been fruitless.  They tend to be sharp and fast. Not this guy.  He was desperate and worn.  

We can find ourselves like Jack. Worn, slow and grieving the loss of a life that once was filled with family, fun, and comfort.  Feeling like all that’s important has been ripped from us.  The storms of this life can be great enough to do some serious damage, but there is one who is greater than every storm. One who can still the most raging waves and heal every wound.   He is the One true living God; Our hope and our salvation.  He is a Father to the fatherless and is able to meet us in that storm and remind us of His marvelous power that has overcome all the troubles of this world. 

What’s the key to surviving any storm?  Keep your eyes fixed on Christ.  If we can do that; we do not sink, but instead walk on the water with Him.  When our eyes are off ourselves and on Him, we don’t lose sight of the mission we are on.  We also don’t forget the loving Father we have in our corner and we are not swayed by the lies of the enemy that try to convince us that we are alone, unwanted and invaluable. 

Think about the roughest time of your life.  Maybe it’s been years or maybe it’s right now.  

Where do you see God in it?  Is He strengthening you through His word?  Is He, comforting you through His Spirit and His people? 

In what ways can you meet others in their storms and encourage them?  Take action and encourage someone today!


Gracious God, You are Lord over the greatest storm.  For we know that even the wind and waves must obey You.  Enable our eyes to remain firmly fixed on You, unwavering, even in the hurricanes of this life. Ready our hands to reach out to all who are hurting.  Open our hearts to comfort those who have lost hope.   Let us see Your goodness, love and grace and our mouths shout Your praise!  Glory to You forever and ever, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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