Serve…Not Sin

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All those I’ve met who have professed Jesus have at one time or another struggled with their own motives as a result of still seeing sin in their lives.  Did they just receive the free gift of eternal life so that their flesh could have free reign?  For the flesh is never satisfied and beckons to have its way.  

For your freedom was not for self, but that, through love, you would serve others.  Before you were a new creation, you could not even serve as you were designed.  Stay focused on Christ and your mission.  Make no provision for your flesh.  Radically amputate all paths back to those old sins.  Put on the full armor and ready yourself for battle.  Know that He goes before you as a consuming fire!  He has secured the victory.   Refocus your mind to serve through love. 


What area are you most prone to give your flesh opportunity to have its way?

How can you make no provision for the flesh in that area? 

In what ways are you leaving a door open to those old sins?

What must you do to radically amputate the sin in your life?


Father give us the mind of Christ; focused and ovedient.  Let us serve others through love and leave the opportunities for our flesh behind.  Let us embrace your victories and walk in the good works you have prepared in advance for us to walk in.  Amen!

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