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I’ve always been fascinated by science and how things work.  When the Lord interrupted my shallow life and revealed His truth, I immediately went into a mode of methodical practicing of the principles in scripture.  

And what did I discover? God’s word is true. He is faithful, powerful, and sovereign.  He transforms and confirms us to the image of Christ.   My faith grew by leaps and bounds as I practiced what God has given us in His word. 

I’m not proposing that you put God to the test but instead take Him at His word and do what He has instructed you to do and see what happens.  

We have been given the great commission in Matthew 28:18-20. Pay careful attention to the third instruction.  “Teach them to OBSERVE all that I have commanded you”.  This assumes that you, yourself are doing the command.  We have all had teachers who teach not from a place of experience but only knowledge.  Don’t be that teacher!

Our Lord was clear, He wants us to Know, Live, and then Speak His word to those around us.  We cannot skip the Live step of this equation and think it’s going to go well.  Start living His word today!


In what ways are acquiring Gods truth but not living it?

What’s one step you’re going to do to change that?


Father, You have given us your word to be lived out that we may effectively conduct the ministry of reconciliation we now have in Christ.  May our hearts delight in Your word and be moved to action.  Lead us on in Jesus, Amen!

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