How To Walk Through Grief And Suffering

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We can’t escape grief and suffering in this life. I have found that it actually increases in frequency the longer I live.  Part of that could be that my eyes are more aware of it, but also because I meet and invest in more and more lives every day.  I suppose one could live as a hermit and try to limit the damage, yet the loneliness itself would be a Grief to me.  In light of this, we must learn to walk through grief and suffering.  

David was a man well-acquainted with the pains of this life; physical and emotional especially.  I listened to a sermon this weekend from Pastor John Nett as he shared from Psalm 40.   In that Psalm we see David suffering  greatly and also how he walks in the midst of it.  John shared 3 steps that David took that are simple(not easy) and effective:

  1. Call to mind God’s grace and faithfulness in the past
  2. Praise and Proclaim the goodness of God to anyone who will listen. 
  3. Committing or recommitting to the LORD

We must master placing our focus on God and letting our minds dwell in His faithfulness if we are to keep walking in the toughest of storms.  This week I have seen friends lose homes, a child, jobs, and hope.  What do They have to cling to in the midst of all this grief?  A faithful father who comforts us that We may in turn comfort others.  A Father who is worthy of our praise from now into eternity.  Our lips will forever be filled with His praise!


How do you usually deal with grievous news?

The next time you see or hear of a suffering, recall as quickly as possible a time when God has faithfullly led you throughor met your need. 

How does this change your thoughts and emotions?

Our greatest platform is suffering.  When we praise Him from that platform people are encouraged, they see He is real, and they can come to know Him.  For it is Romans 8:28 at its finest.  Don’t miss that opportunity to glorify our Father in heaven.  


Gracious God, You are good in joy and in trial.  For we count it all joy  because we know You are making us complete and lacking nothing.  Use us to full measure for Your glory. Even in the darkest of times, let us remember Your goodness and shout Your praises to all who can hear.   Bring us through the valley of mourning to Your mountains of joy.  Thank you for Your faithfulness and grace through Jesus, Amen!

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  1. Oh how I have learned this in the divine assignment God has given me. I cling to the scripture and my ABCs knowing this life is so temporary and that the will og God will never take me where His grace will not sustain me.

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