How To Face Your Fear

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The wicked are always plotting and seeking to steal, kill, and destroy, yet we need not fear.  For the LORD goes before us as a consuming fire. Who led His people out of the hand of Pharaoh? The LORD did.  Who conquered Goliath? The LORD did. In fact, who has won every victory over evil? The LORD has.  

Now you may say it was Moses and David, but if we look closely, even David and Moses acknowledge it was the LORD who gave the victory.  So whom shall we fear? What can man do to us?

Too many times we treat God like a topic in grade school.  We master a ton of knowledge, but have no relationship and trust. We miss having the peace and confidence in Him. 

Don’t let that be you. Know that the LORD desires to dwell with you for all eternity.  Know Him, Trust Him, and Obey Him.  For He is your confidence in every trial.  He is your salvation and rest!


Are you treating God like a textbook or are you seeking Him in relationship?

Are you in His word daily, desiring to know Him more?

Download youversion on your smartphone or go to  Personally I love a study Bible where I can read and write my notes in next to the passages.  Whatever the venue, get reading!


LORD, you are our strength and shield; our confidence forever. None can stand before You.  We are blessed to live in the shadow of Your wings.  For we are partakers of Your living water that brings life to each and every moment. Thank you Father for Your unending kindness.  Help us to draw close to You.  Guide our hearts to make You the object of all our desires.   May our fear fade and Your love and strength abound. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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