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For the LORD’s lovingkindness is better than life! Said another way; the gift of Christ is better than anything we will ever encounter this side of life. A belief like that changes everything. When we have the best, we don’t need to go searching for satisfaction in some other thrill or experience. We have what […]


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The older I get, the more I hate sin, the more I desire time with Christ, and the harder I fight to focus on Him.  The world is certainly seemingly more complex, but in reality we struggle with the same things the men and women of old struggled with; distractions for the flesh.  We suffer […]

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One of the greatest hindrances to the great commission is no sense of urgency.  Since we woke up this morning, we logically assume we will do the same tomorrow. After working with thousands of people over the years one thing has become painfully clear: our time here is limited. I’ve lost friends, family, co-workers and […]