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One of the greatest hindrances to the great commission is no sense of urgency.  Since we woke up this morning, we logically assume we will do the same tomorrow. After working with thousands of people over the years one thing has become painfully clear: our time here is limited. I’ve lost friends, family, co-workers and […]

My True Love

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As I think back through my life, I can see that there have been people who loved me along the way. My parents provided for me, encouraged me, and help me get my start.  My friends have been there to listen to me complain and point me in the right direction.  There is One that […]

How To Pray For Change

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Have you ever had a situation that you that you couldn’t figure out?  A sin you just couldn’t overcome?  You may have read scores of books, listened to CD’s, consulted with others, but it just couldn’t be solved.  That’s because more knowledge is not the answer. Paul, in His letter to the Ephesians, rightly concluded […]