Authority Over All

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Somedays life has a way of crowding out truth and leaving us in a place of anxiety or fear.  Scripture tells us perfect love casts out fear.  The perfect act of love at the cross has conquered fear and death forever!   The power and authority of this love holds every realm in its grasp; forever restoring it to God’s perfection. 

In Mark 2, the paralytic is lowered through the roof as the impenetrable crowd watches. Jesus commends the man for his faith, reminds him of his greatest need, and meets both that spiritual need as well as his physical need.  Jesus’ authority was on undeniably on display.  

The Pharisees in the story were right, ythough they did not understand what they were saying when they said, “Who can forgive sins, but God alone?”  For truly, He was not blaspheming, He was God.  Every molecule in the universe must obey Him.  

For the paralytic, he had an insurmountable physical need and yet his spiritual need was even greater. He came for healing and the authority of Jesus’ was dispensed with one phrase; overcoming both of these realms and enabling this man to get up and walk away, blameless before God.  


For us too, our greatest need in spiritual.  The good news is that the need has been fully satisfied.  For He is more than able to supply every need in every realm.   His authority knows no bounds!

What are you stressing about today? 

What are your needs?

How do those needs compare to your salvation?

Rejoice over your salvation today!  Praise God for His gift of Jesus and His authority over every realm. We can trust that He can supply every need. 


Father in heaven, You have authority over all the universe. Every molecule is yours to command. You have chosen to use Your authority and power to rescue Your servants and we are forever grateful.   Let our minds not be anxious, but instead let us rejoice in salvation and trust in Your majesty, dominion and authority, now and forever more.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!





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