How To Quit Any Sin

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Too many times we come up with elaborate plans and twelve step programs to do away with the sin in our lives.  God shows a principle over and over in His word that has been effective for thousands of years.  The solution to overcoming sin isn’t to work harder at stopping it. In fact, we […]

Love Your Enemy

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As you read Luke 6:35-36, your first thought may be, “That’s impossible”. I agree!  It is impossible without God. Fake it till you make it works up to a certain point, but what God had asked of us, no man can fake.  However, what is impossible with man is possible with God.  When we surrender […]

A Father’s Love

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Being an adoptive father isn’t always easy.  One of the greatest joys is getting the privilege of seeing a glimpse of God’s redeeming love.  When we stumble He loves us, and when we stand firm, He loves us.  While being a Father to fatherless can be extremely enjoyable, it can also be heavily taxing emotionally […]

Deny And Follow

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Jesus has a way of straight shooting right to the heart of the matter.  Whether parable or command, His words rest heavy in our minds.   Here Jesus is explaining that to be His disciple it requires complete surrender.  He’s asking for us to divorce our flesh and all it’s desires.  In our customer-centric consumer […]