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One of the greatest hindrances to the great commission is no sense of urgency.  Since we woke up this morning, we logically assume we will do the same tomorrow. After working with thousands of people over the years one thing has become painfully clear: our time here is limited. I’ve lost friends, family, co-workers and co-laborers for the gospel.  Several unexpected.  

Do we not see that, daily, several in our presence are perishing?  Several are struggling, feel all alone, and need someone to come alongside, encourage them, and give them hope.   Put yourself in their shoes.  Do you want to wait another day?

The time is now to reach out to those in need. Look around you. Put down your phone and open your eyes and ears.  Listen for those who are broadcasting a distress signal.  Run to them with the love of Christ.  Listen and walk with them.  Do not neglect the grace you have been given. For the gift of Christ was given to you for the sake of others.    


Do not let another minute be wasted.  Make a list of who God has put in your path. How can you tangibly help them.  Do they need someone to talk to?  Do they need a helping hand with something?  Are they having trouble paying the light bill this month? You have the power to change lives for His glory for all eternity.   Surrender your every desire to Him and live!


Father, you are greater than our minds can comprehend.  Open our eyes to see and our ears to hear those in need around us.  Let us empty ourselves for them that they may see that You love them.  Use us to full measure for Your glory, in Jesus, Amen!

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  1. Great reminder of how short our time is and opening our hearts to others distress signals ….. what’s most important is helping anyone in your path as God put them there … and you for a reason …. discover the reason …. Great words Brian!

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